1929 Ford Model-A Roadster


FOR SALE: 1929 Model A Roadster.
NL/EU registration/papers!

 Sensible Prewar Era (pre WWII) Style “Hop-Up” Hotrod. 
 Considering To Sell My Beloved USA Found Beauty With Lots Of Potential. 
 This Roadster is Exactly What Everybody Wants...
Especially Since The Beach Races Are Populair Again... 

 Stock/Original Ford Model-A 4 Banger 
3.3 Liter (201 cu in - 40 hp / 30 kW) Engine 
with the Original Engine NR Stamp wich matches Ford's Year/built Listing
 and It's Frame Stamp. 

So Good for other (EU) registration. 
Mostly Original Parts with Plenty of Patina and Charm! 
Overall It’s in Decent Shape for Being Nearly 91 Years Old. 
There Are Some Nicer Ones Around...
But They Don't Have These Cool Hot Rod Feautures/Parts 
That Are Hard To Find & Expensive overhere.

Good Original Chassis/Frame With The Right Lovely "Hot Rod" Stance! 
 Also Has That Cool Patina Look That Everybody Wants These Days. 

It Runs and Drives and Everything Is Functional and up for EU standarts/registration. 
 Many New Parts and Upgrades 

I've converted it to 12V Negative ground system 
by using the expensive but good 1928-1931 Ford Model A 
12V DELUXE (Vintage Auto Garage USA) Conversion Kit 
with Starter and Key Switch. 

So.. Why Do I Already Cal It a Hotrod? 
It's Lowered But Looks Original This Way, 
Due: 1932 Front Axle, 1932 Front Perches & New Reversed Eye Front Spring. 
1932 Front Spindles with Newly Installed Bushings 
 Original Rear Spring with Reversed Eyes. 
1932 Front Brakes and Drums. 
Flathead Ted Front Brake Floaters.
All the Brake Components Are New or Rebuilt and Work.
New Mikes Affordable Model A Rear Brakes/Assemblies. 
New Brake Rods Pins Clevis’ and Anti-Rattle Clips. 
Chopped and Raked Original Front Windshield 
New Nickel Grill Shell Patina'd to Match... 
New Running Boards with Zinc Trim Patina'd to Match... 
Replaced Dash with Original Ford Nickel Dash 

1930 Column Bracket Conversion to Spare the Fuel Tank
New Custom Leather Seat in Front. 
Also found and installed a nice & good Rumble (dickies) Seat in the back. 
So it can carry up to four persons. (Also on Reg.papers) 
New Steering Wheel, 
Wiring Harness, 
Installed Original Operating Houdaille Shocks Up Front.
MGB, Armstrong Rear Shock Absorbers Customized To Fit The Lowered Rear 

The Original Top Comes With, But Has Some Issues... 
Wont Fit Anyway Due to the Windshield Chop and Rake, 
So if you want to use it you have to modify it. 

 Also has a new muffler installed... 
 1934 Ford 17” Wire Wheels Blasted and Powder Coated Satin Black
 New Firestone Black Wall Tires... 

 Asking: 27.500 Euro
Open for Offers but...
Pretty Firm on price, no forced sale.
 Located Near Weert (NL) 
 More Info: 0031 6 5335 96 74 or email...

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