1947 Buick Sedanette

1947 Buick Sedanette LeadSled

Purchased from the Menges Twin Kustoms LA, CA, USA
Body chopped 3 inches front and back.
Shaved door handles, gas door, emblems, side, fender trim.
Stock taillights and headlights,11 gallon gas tank in trunk.
Stock front windshield, rear glass installed.
Wheels, cowl, dash and lower garnish moldings...
Painted metal-flake gold!
Giant horn in engine bay ran off the air tank.
1948 Buick 248 ci straight 8 Engine. Rebuilt head.
Mopar smallblock valve springs,
Chevy valve stem seals.
New timing chain.
Rare 2 two intake from 41 and 42 Buicks
With stock Stromberg aerotype carbs and split exhaust.
Custom progressive carb linkage.
Stock "Three on the three" speed transmission
Closed driveshaft.
5 gallon air tank, compressor, air valves, in trunk.
Air lift dominators at all four corners.
Stock A arms notched slightly...
to get it lower in the front.
Stock three link in back.
Rear notched 2 inches to lay frame on ground!
New fuellines, Fender mounts, battery pack.
new wiring, horn bracket, custom made trunk lid release.