1939 Ford 1 Ton Pick Up

Awesome original restored 1939 truck for sale...

A big 1 tonner with the 122" wheelbase so 
great for parts hauling or using for work.
 It also has the heavy duty back axle and 4 speed box.

All the fenders are steel which is rare in these trucks,

The bed is a repro which has had fresh wood fitted,
but  the truck is been used last year as a truck should
so don't expect the bed or the paint to be
perfect,there's scratches and a few dents.

Mechanically it's fully sorted and will go anywhere,

The engine and the gearbox were rebuilt,
a Mallory sissy with electronic ignition
other than that the motor is stock,
 but runs sweet.
40's Ford steel Front wheels...

it's also been lowered significantly,