1959 Buick Electra (UK)

1959 Buick Electra - Sorry Sold 

Highly original and complete car, with perfect patina,
Originating in the dry state of Arizona,
This car has absolutely zero structural rust anywhere.
Other than a dusting of light surface rust (no pitting),
the car is as solid as the day it left the factory.

All trim is present and in good order...
Including the interior, though obviously the upholstery
is in need of refurbishment.

All glass and lights are present and in good condition too.
Factory fitted with the legendary 401 Nailhead motor...
Backed with the original autobox,

Full rebuilt suspension bush and braking system.
You can come and test drive the car no problem...
though obviously she is in need of a little 
fettling to bring her fully back to her best.

Car is numbers matching, UK registered
with the V5c present and correct,
MOT and Tax exempt.

Sorry Sold now, in UK