1929 Ford Model A Tudor Sedan Hotrod

1929 Ford Model A Hotrod Tudor Sedan

Frame: Model A, Boxed, Small Rear Kick Up 
Body Work: 1929 Ford, Chopped 4" 
Pinstriped Grille, Rear, Fenders 
Grille: 1932 Ford
Engine: 350 CUI Chevy V8 Engine 
with Crane Fireball Cam. Intake / 
Carb: Edelbrock 
Exhaust: Rams Horn Manifold with Straight Pipes and 
Kickstand Lake Pipes 
Ignition: Stock Points 
Transmission: 2SPD Powerglide Automatic Transmission 
Suspension: 4-Bar Set Up, Front & Rear
Brakes Front: Ford F100, Brakes Rear: Stock 8" Ford 
Rear End: 8" Ford 
Steering: 1952 Chevy Steeringwheel 
Dash: Narrowed 1939 Mercury dash, 
Radio in Glove box. 
Upholstery: White Top, 
Padded Running Boards & Tuck-N-Roll Interior 
( Mini Van Bench Seat ) 
done by "Upholstery by Stichbitch"
Set as a 3 person ride on papers, 
Has Bench Seat in front, 
Fueltank and Batt Box are in rear, 
covered by Tuck N Roll Vynil Plate.

 Paint: Satin Black Enamel
Brand New 3 Row Alu Grill 
Taillights: 1950 Pontiac 
Wheels: 15x6 Tires: Whithewall Wides,
Front: 5.60-15 Tires Rear: 7.10-15 

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