1967 Chevrolet Stepvan King

When we got this cool Stepvan project in, 
it came with a badly installed 6 Cyllinder Engine.
I desided that one had to go.
Found a nice 350 CUI V8 to make the swap.
This men that all floor panels in front
needed to get out for the engine could be dropped in
through the doors / cabin.

 After Positioning the Engine & Trans, 
the trans seemed to given up,
 so lifted the damn thing out again
and went for a rebuilt one! You know...
Building cars like this is always one step front, two steps behind...

Had to remake the gaspedal assembly, 
so decided to make a custom one...

Also rebuilt all the brake parts...
master cyllinder, lines, etc..
New rear shocks

Original it had 16.5" wheels 
but this size tires are hard to get overhere 
so I went with a Set of 16" from a heavy Chevy Van, 
Repainted the Wheels and put some New Classic Tires on.

I ran into this beautycase at a second hand store in my area, 
found that the battery would fit perfect so used it as a battery tray
Exhaust... went for the big radius pipes for that loud sound
Interior... put in a sleepingbench from a chevy van also... 
then did a new checkered floor and an extra sit / sleep area.
with some nice used caravan cushings to make an 

This was the built in a nut shell,
Of course it took much more work to do everything... 
new brakes, wiring, rust repair, supspension, steering, etc...
but didnt take the time to make pics of the complete process

Finnished this Stepvan project in the beginning of 2016,
Still own it today...  made a lot of (also long distance) trips with it,